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Mount Carmel Clinic
Your Community | Mount Carmel Clinic

Mount Carmel Clinic
886 Main Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3W 5L4
Phone: (204) 582-2311

Mount Carmel ClinicPeople make up the heart of Mount Carmel Clinic - the first Community Health Centre in Canada. In the Clinic, people of different backgrounds all work together to become a resource for the community. Mount Carmel Clinic was established in 1926, and offers a broad range of medical, nursing, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, dental social and outreach services to promote health and well-being. A volunteer community board directs the Clinic, which believes in a respectful, non-judgmental and collaborative approach to helping people work towards physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health.

Mount Carmel Clinic Provides the following Outreach and Community Services:
Blood pressure clinics
Diabetes Education clinics
Early Start Home Visitor Program
Foot Care Clinic
Reproductive Health presentations
Quit smoking groups
Perinatal support
Parenting support
Teen Clinic

These and other programs are offered at Mount Carmel Carmel Clinic. To inquire, please call 582-2311.

  • Anne Ross Day Nursery

  • Children's Day Hospital

  • Cross Cultural Counselling Program

  • Dental Clinic

  • Diagnostic Services

  • Interagency FAS / FAE

  • Interagency Midwifery Services

  • Parents Group

  • Parenting Student Program

  • Pharmacy

  • Primary Health Care

  • Sage House

  • Social Work Services

  • Teen Clinic

  • Volunteer Program